Salt-Water Moon

Mary Snow

Played by: Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Age 17, in service to The Right Honourable Henry and Lady Emma Dawe. She is engaged to Jerome McKenzie. Her father, Jim, was killed at Beaumont-Hamel in World War I. Mary's mother never recovered from the loss of her husband, and Mary had to find work. Her younger sister, Dot, was sent to a home for poor girls in St. John's.

  • Major Role

Jacob Mercer

Played by: Jamie Mac

Age 18, recently returned from a year in Toronto, where he had gone to make something of himself, and escape from his father's shame at having been humiliated by the wealthy William McKenzie. He returns home to Coley's Point, Newfoundland, when he hears his true love, Mary, is engaged to William McKenzie's son.

  • Major Role

Also mentioned in the play:

Jerome McKenzie

Mary's fiancé, 20 years old, the local schoolmaster

  • Mention

William McKenzie

Jerome's father; employed Jacob's father in the fishing industry

  • Mention

Esau Mercer

Jacob's father

  • Mention


Mary's sister, age 14

  • Mention

The Right Honourable Henry and Lady Emma Dawe

Mary's employers

  • Mention

Billy Parsons

a tooth charmer that Jacob and Mary visited before Jacob left for Toronto

  • Mention

Sam and Lucy Boone

the people Jacob stayed with in Toronto

  • Mention


Jacob's imaginary girlfriend in Toronto

  • Mention

Tom Mix

Star of early Hollywood Westerns

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