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The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum

Margaret MacNeil

Played by: Francine Deschepper

Protagonist of the story. Margaret is young, headstrong and family-oriented. She is not popular with her peers because of her runny nose and an early sexual experience that earned her a bad reputation.

Catherine MacNeil

Played by: Martha Irving

Matriarch of the MacNeil family. Catherine’s family has strong roots in both Glace Bay and the mining industry. She has lost her husband and son in the mines and looks after her father-in-law who suffers from black lung as a result of his many years working in the mine.

Ian MacNeil

Played by: Jeff Schwager

Margaret’s brother and Catherine’s youngest son. Ian works in the mines and has a strong belief that a union will improve working conditions. He is hardworking and altruistic.


Played by: David Francis

Catherine’s father-in-law. Grandpa does not speak because of his affliction but instead writes his thoughts out for others to read. He is confined due to his illness but brings much joy to the family.

Neil Currie

Played by: Gil Garratt

Margaret’s love interest and later her husband. Neil is a musician and bon vivant who has sworn not to work in the mines ever again after he suffers a scare down below. He works odd jobs until it becomes apparent that in order to make a significant contribution to his household he must again take a job in the mine; reluctantly, he does so.