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Curriculum Connections

By working with this study guide, students will fulfill aspects of the Ontario Curriculum as outlined by The Ministry of Education. 

The Arts: Drama

The Creative Process

  • Use role play to explore the possibilities of different scenarios, situations, and characters.
  • Create and interpret a range of characters using a variety of acting approaches.

The Critical Analysis Process

  • Use the critical analysis process before and during drama projects to assign roles within the group, monitor the group process, and modify the roles and process as needed.
  • Analyse drama works to determine how they communicate ideas about issues, culture, and society.

Drama and Society

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how drama questions social and cultural conditions.


Speaking to Communicate

  • Use appropriate words, phrases, and terminology, and a variety of stylistic devices to effectively communicate their meaning and engage their intended audience.

Listening to Understand

  • Extend understanding of oral texts, including increasingly complex or difficult texts, by making effective connections between the ideas in them and personal knowledge, experience, and insights; other texts; and the world around them.

Canadian and World Studies: Canadian History Since WWI

Interpretation and Analysis

  • Express ideas, arguments, and conclusions, as appropriate for the audience and purpose, using a variety of styles and forms (e.g., reports, essays, debates, role playing, group presentations).


  • Organize and record information gathered through research.

The Individual and the Economy

Scarcity and Choice

  • Explain, using specific examples, the economic problem of scarcity and the choices and trade-offs that individuals and societies must make.

Economic Citizens

  • Analyse an issue, identifying how the economic rights of individuals must be balanced by economic responsibility and public accountability.

Organized Labour

  • Describe various forms of organized labour and the needs they satisfy.