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The Children/Youth series presents some of its most illuminating theatre in 2017-2018! 

Bursts of laughter and poetry crafted on the spot, out of practically nothing. Investigations of the unlikely, and a fantasy featuring the spikes, fur and feathers of a fabulous bestiary. There will be singing on stage, and dancing too!

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  1. Play

    Isn’t it better to be a bird? Humans are so hard to figure out! That’s what Mademoiselle Mouche thinks, anyway. So she goes to the gym to take flight training, and she learns to speak bird. One day, surely, she’ll soar into the air. 

    • Conceived, written, directed and performed by

      D. Kimm

    • Lighing

      Lucie Bazzo

    • Music

      Guido Del Fabbro

  2. Play

    Magie lente

    Ages 18 months to 5 years

    Azrieli Studio

    You can’t learn without getting dirty! Nathalie Derome’s father is a potter, and she grew up in a house where making a mess was synonymous with learning. In Magie lente, she patiently reconstructs a piece of her childhood to share with the audience, along with some songs and poems.

  3. Play

    Et si Roméo & Juliette…

    Ages 8 to 14

    Azrieli Studio

    Falling in love: so love is a fall? Sometimes. And it can be fatal! Think of Romeo and Juliet: two warring families pitted against two determined teenagers with loving hearts. DynamO Théâtre shakes up the classic tale, incorporating acrobatics, swordfights, juggling, and a rotating set. 

    • Concept and direction by

      Jackie Gosselin

    • With

      Rosalie Dell’Aniello, Marie Fannie Guay,...

    • Assistant director

      Audrey Blouin

  4. Play


    Ages 14 +

    Azrieli Studio

    An empty white space; bright light. We could be in a museum gallery, but the works on display here are teenagers and adults wearing headsets. Little by little they reveal themselves, through their tentative presence, through their disturbing or amusing statements. Stay tuned for the casting call! ​

  5. Play

    Romanzo d’infanzia

    Ages 6 to 12 (in French)

    Azrieli Studio

    Hooray, the Italians are coming! At long last we get to see this little gem of a dance theatre piece that has been presented everywhere (else) on the planet! Childhood is a treasure, and our zany heroes have created a bubble, a crazy imaginary world. They invite us in, and for the next hour or so, we’re all 10 years old!

    • Written by

      Bruno Stori

    • Dramaturgs and directors

      Bruno Stori and Letizia Quintavalla

    • Choreographed and performed by

      Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni

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