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  1. Une lune entre deux maisons

    Ages 3 to 6

    November 2 - 3, 2019

    Azrieli Studio

    Like night and day

    The space between Plume’s house and Taciturne’s house is a chasm. A whole moon can fit into it! With its playground-like set and its moving performances, this show about overcoming our fear of the unfamiliar accurately measures the internal temperature of a child’s heart.

    • Written by

      Suzanne Lebeau

    • Directed by

      Marie-Eve Huot

    • With

      Emilie Dionne and Catherine Leblond

  2. Lévriers

    Ages 14+

    Saturday, December 7, 2019, 7:30 pm

    Le LabO, University of Ottawa

    Running for success

    A bare stage, a few chairs, a director and five performers playing themselves—maybe it’s not even a show? And yet, Sophie Gee has created a poignant work that digs through the junk pile of our everyday failures to extract pearls of humanity.

    • Directed by

      Sophie Gee

    • Created and performed by

      Sophie Gee, Jacqueline van de...

    • Written by

      Collective, in collaboration with Pénélope...

  3. Le problème avec le rose

    Ages 6 to 12

    December 14 - 15, 2019

    Azrieli Studio

    The colour of chaos

    An idea—a pretty silly one at that—turns the world of four friends upside down. Pink is for girls? Pffft! Whatever! Yes, but what if? In this lively show, Érika Tremblay-Roy’s resonant text is reflected in the vibrant dance of Christophe Garcia.

    • Written by

      Érika Tremblay-Roy

    • Choreographed by

      Christophe Garcia

    • Directed by

      Christophe Garcia and Érika Tremblay-Roy

  4. Les mots secrets

    Ages 7 to 12

    April 18 - 19, 2020

    Azrieli Studio

    The inner life of words

    Here we have a beautiful celebration of words: words as playthings, as music, as links between humans. In this rhythmic, sometimes boisterous show, director André Perrier has fun giving poetry a solid presence—you can almost touch it.

    • Written by

      Louise Dupré

    • Director and artistic director

      André Perrier

    • With

      Michel F. Côté, Simon Fournier...

  5. Sous la feuille

    18 months to 5 years

    May 9 - 10, 2020

    Azrieli Studio

    A show under the stars

    Partners Ariane and Josué have draped the theatre in colourful tents and cozy furs to welcome us to the hushed atmosphere of a night by the fireside. Under the huge leaf, through dance and music, we are both tiny and gigantic!

    • Created, designed and performed by

      Josué Beaucage and Ariane Voineau

    • Directed by

      Olivier Normand

    • Sets, costumes and props

      Julie Lévesque

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