Creative & Production Teams

  • Music Director Alexander Shelley
  • Creative Producer Donna Feore
  • Visual Design Normal Studio
  • Audiovisual Production ProdCan
  • Sound Production Carl Talbot (Musicom Productions Inc.)
  • Lighting Designer Kimberly Purtell
  • Executive Producer Arna Einarsdottir
  • Producer Nelson McDougall
  • Producer Fletcher Gailey-Snell
  • Technical Director Pasquale Cornacchia
  • Marketing Lead Sarah Connell
  • Communications Lead Alexandra Campeau

ProdCan Inc. | Video Capture (Orchestra)

  • CEO of ProdCan, Producer Didier Bensa
  • Producer/Coordinator Kim Savoie-Thibault
  • Camera Director Benoît Guérin
  • Technical Director John Castillo Oruezabal
  • Assistant Director Hélène Lussier
  • Camera Operator Giulia Frati
  • Camera Operator Antoine Lescop-Sinclair
  • Director of Photography and Camera Operator Pierre Thériault
  • Camera Operator Guy Roberge
  • Camera Operator Marc Pronovost
  • Video editor Caylamina Roberts

Normal Studio | Visual Design & Production

  • Creative Director & Scenic Design Philippe Belhumeur
  • Producer Danielle Tremblay
  • Multimedia Director Joey Booth
  • Art Director​ Céline Arnaudeau
  • Artistic Consultant Opening Sequence​ Fred Caron
  • Opening/end credits Motion Designer​ Daravong Thongsavath
  • Technical Director, Visual Content​ Valéria Petit
  • Visual Content Coordinator Pei Yao Xu
  • Online Editing​ Maxime Dumont
  • Lead Motion Designer​ Jesse Santerre
  • Motion Designer Sanam Ghods  

Musicom Productions Inc. | Audio production and engineering

  • Audio Producer​ Carl Talbot
  • Sound Engineer​ Charles Gagnon
  • Sound Engineer​ Francois Arbour

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