National Creation Fund

Paving the way for a new model of creation in Canada's performing arts.

“We’re so used to ‘making do’ in Canada that the concept of a fund to fully develop ideas would take creation in our country to a whole new level.

Robert Chafe, Playwright

All through this country, Robert Chafe’s words ring true. Artists and arts organizations lack the time and resources they need to fully develop ambitious new work in theatre, dance and music. 

There are, of course, good examples of superb new work being done in Canada. But we have heard time and time again from artists and arts organizations across the country is that they simply don’t have access to the extensive resources required, nor can they afford the lengthy period of time needed to develop compelling work – work that is ambitious, innovative and fully realized. All too often, new work is rushed to the stage before it’s ready. 

We call this the creation gap.

The National Arts Centre is determined to help fill that gap. That’s why we are launching the National Creation Fund.

A new model for creation.

Beginning in the fall of 2017, the National Creation Fund will invest $3 million a year in 15 to 20 compelling and ambitious new Canadian works in theatre, dance and music – works that have strong artistic teams and strong producing partners, and that are likely to have national and international impact.

These works will come from artists and arts organizations across the country. The National Creation Fund will invest in the development of new work – the research, residencies and workshopping that ideally take place long before a show opens. The Fund will also invest in promising productions that need additional development after their first runs to produce stronger, more polished work that will be remounted and toured.

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