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Brigitte Haentjens  |  Artistic Director

©️ Dominique T Skoltz

Recent videos

  • 2021-2022 programming

    For children and youth

    Some surprising experiences ranging from the touching to the unusual, onstage, off-site and online. Performances, activities and more await children, teens and their families. 

  • Mélanie Dumont

    Our imaginations

    The time has come to colour our interiors, to turn our hungry senses toward multiple and shifting landscapes!

  • 14 +

    Programming for teens

    French Theatre is offering engaging shows for adults and teens alike. There’s something for every personality type. Check out yours!

  • Youth

    Nos ébranlements (“our disruptions”)

    Nos ébranlements (“our disruptions”) connects teenagers who don’t know each other. The project brings a group of young people together to reflect on and confront the issues that unsettle them from within.

  • An off-the-road experience


    Creative projects, videos, multiple resources and learning tools—that’s just a taste of what’s on offer for you to explore anytime, in the classroom or even in your living room

  • Our season’s images

    Dominique T Skoltz

    As we prepare to go back on stage, we wanted to remind ourselves of the importance of human interaction. We’ve invited artist Dominique T Skoltz to create works that display the power of interconnections in theatre.  

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NAC French Theatre’s Cahiers

Dive into our revamped version of NAC French Theatre’s Cahiers! Discover texts that delve into our season’s theatrical productions and explore what makes each of them distinct and extraordinary. All whims are allowed, if not encouraged – bifurcate, jump ahead a section, or flip back to a part you skipped! You can also get a printed copy of Cahiers in the lobby at every NAC French Theatre performance.