November 2020 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

NAC French Theatre

Brigitte Haentjens  | 
Artistic Director
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Upcoming events

Recent videos

  • An off-the-road experience


    Creative projects, videos, multiple resources and learning tools—that’s just a taste of what’s on offer for you to explore anytime, in the classroom or even in your living room

  • Video series


    Prologue(s) is a series of eight original short theatre performances presented in Ottawa and Gatineau and taking place in front of a few willing and enthusiastic audience members.

  • Podcasts

    « Plus que du théâtre »

    Host Julien Morissette interviews artists whose work is the living heart of French Theatre season.

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NAC French Theatre’s Cahiers

Dive into our revamped version of NAC French Theatre’s Cahiers! Discover texts that delve into our season’s theatrical productions and explore what makes each of them distinct and extraordinary. All whims are allowed, if not encouraged – bifurcate, jump ahead a section, or flip back to a part you skipped! You can also get a printed copy of Cahiers in the lobby at every NAC French Theatre performance.