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  1. Play  © Julie Charland

    Martin Crimp’s ferociously funny, profoundly tragic play-within-a-play turns a new lens on the story of Oedipus and his lame lineage. Director Christian Lapointe invites us into a classroom where questions become the weapons of a revolt on the rise.

    • Written by

      Martin Crimp, published and represented...

    • Based on

      The Phoenician Women by Euripides

    • Translated into Québécois and directed by

      Christian Lapointe

  2. The bedroom as battleground. She’s a writer and occasional drama queen; he’s a PhD student in philosophy and a Timbits fan. They spent their twenties together. Alternating between passionate interludes and quarrels and infidelities, they’ve ended up in an ambiguous relationship that makes neither of them happy.

    • Written by

      Catherine Chabot

    • Directed by

      Frédéric Blanchette

    • With

      Catherine Chabot, Francis-William Rhéaume and...

  3. Hamlet_director’s cut

    Azrieli Studio

    A condensed, stripped down, radicalized Hamlet. A single actor, Marc Beaupré, playing several parts, several voices, and several variations of the same insurmountable existential drama. A Shakespearean tragedy revisited and remixed. A captivating experience.

    • Based on the play by

      William Shakespeare

    • Translated by

      Jean Marc Dalpé

    • Directed and adapted by

      Marc Beaupré and François Blouin

  4. Play  ©   Julie Charland

    A romantic romp in an enchanted forest on a midsummer night. Shakespeare at his most comical, imaginative and agile. A lively and energetic re-telling directed by Olivier Normand, featuring acrobats from the Flip FabriQue circus troupe.

    • Written by

      William Shakespeare

    • French translation by

      Michelle Allen

    • Directed by

      Olivier Normand

  5. Play  © Julie Charland


    (la trilogie)

    Azrieli Studio

    A suspenseful, tender and comical tale where past and present collide. A family saga that reveals a quest for happiness thwarted by the vicissitudes of life. A road trip both personal and universal that questions our fascination with the American dream.

    • Written and Designed by

      Claude Guilmain

    • Directed by

      Louise Naubert and Claude Guilmain

    • Cast

      Sasha Dominique, Magali Lemèle, Bernard...

  6. Pinocchio

    Babs Asper Theatre

    This version of Pinocchio traces a vile, ungrateful puppet’s journey toward becoming human. Stripping the familiar story of its marvellous bestiary, the play exposes the harsh reality at its core, in all its troubling strangeness. An extraordinary piece of theatre, the kind only Joël Pommerat can carve.

    • Based on the story by

      Carlo Collodi

    • A theatrical creation by

      Joël Pommerat

    • Cast

      Myriam Assouline, Mohamed Elasri, Pierre-Yves...

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