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  1. Retirement often prompts people to look back at the past, but in Jocelyne’s case it becomes a pretext for a flood of opinions, awkwardness and bitterness. In dialogue that alternates between banal odiousness and odious banality, Fabien Cloutier turns the microscope on a nuclear family trapped in a teeming vivarium.

    • Written and directed by

      Fabien Cloutier

    • With

      Jean-Guy Bouchard, Josée Deschênes, Claude...

    • Assistant director

      Emmanuelle Nappert

  2. In this overview of the life and work of Patti Smith, Brigitte Haentjens draws us into a total creative whirlwind in the heart of a changing America. Parce que la nuit combines electric guitars, poetry, counterculture and romanticism in the free and effervescent spirit of the ’70s.

    • Written by

      Dany Boudreault and Brigitte Haentjens...

    • Directed by

      Brigitte Haentjens

    • With

      Alex Bergeron, Céline Bonnier, Dany...

  3. On a mission from documentary theatre company Porte Parole, Christine Beaulieu launched herself heart and soul—despite her self-doubts and the complexity of the subject—into an investigation of Quebecers’ relationship with Hydro-Québec. The resulting saga is as instructive as it is captivating.

    • Written by

      Christine Beaulieu

    • Dramaturg

      Annabel Soutar

    • Directed by

      Philippe Cyr

  4. Zéro

    November 27 - 30, 2019

    Azrieli Studio

    After writing plays dealing with the numbers from 1 to 9 and investigating multiple facets of identity, Mani Soleymanlou goes back to zero, the big nothing. Revisiting his notebooks, he attempts to return to his artistic beginnings and draw from the very source of his creative output.

    • Written, directed and performed by

      Mani Soleymanlou

    • Assistant director and stage manager

      Jean Gaudreau

    • Lighting

      Erwann Bernard

  5. Will climate change deniers one day be accused of crimes against humanity? As the environment and climate change make headlines, Robert Marinier’s play draws us into a totalitarian green regime for a Brechtian experience tinged with humour.

    • Written by

      Robert Marinier

    • Directed by

      Kevin Orr

    • With

      Roch Castonguay, Alexandre Gauthier, Magali...

  6. In the hands of director Marc Beaupré and music designer Stéfan Boucher, The Iliad becomes a choreography of fights, a chant with haunting rhythms. The millennial story of the Trojan War takes on new life, conveyed through the sharp and elegant performances of ten remarkable artists.

    • Based on

      Homère, Iliade by Alessandro Baricco

    • Adapted and directed by

      Marc Beaupré

    • With

      Stéfan Boucher, Maya Kuroki, Olivier...

  7. A young woman, the sea, and the turbulent and sparkling story of an intercontinental sailing voyage. With Dans le bleu, Magali Lemèle offers an autobiographical travelogue with the feel of a philosophical fable. The adventure is beautiful, captivating, touching, and full of stars.

    • Written and performed by

      Magali Lemèle

    • Directed by

      Gabriel Plante

    • Assistant director and stage manager

      Vanessa Beaupré

  8. For their unique and unusual Requiem, Alain Platel and Fabrizio Cassol take advantage of the fact that Mozart’s final work was left unfinished to construct a highly unconventional musical and cultural fusion. Blending Western and African influences, they orchestrate a vibrant dance/chorus, a theatrical ritual that celebrates death in all its brilliance.

    • Music

      Fabrizio Cassol, based on Mozart’s...

    • Directed by

      Alain Platel

    • Conductor

      Rodriguez Vangama

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