About the NAC French Theatre

The direction of the Théâtre français is entrusted to artists renowned for their remarkable professional careers, creative drive and contributions to the promotion of the arts. 

The Théâtre français… 

… is a place for artistic freedom.

Where artists get support and resources to reach their dreams.

… supports promising artistic projects.

The TF serves as a springboard for performances presented in its venue. The TF sees its role as a driving force, a catalyst, a stimulus for artists from Quebec and from French-speaking regions all across Canada.

… contributes to developing works of theatre.

These works make their début at the NAC and, insofar as possible, helps promote presentations of such plays abroad.

… actively supports new works.

We are lucky to have in Quebec and in French Canada a rich, diverse, intense and ongoing cultural scene. 

… places great importance on programming for children and adolescents.

Young spectators are viewed as an audience in their own right, in all their intelligence, verve, vigour and sensitivity, and the TF presents them with artists and wide-ranging works that are rich in meaning and sensations, each one outdoing the other in daring and invention.

… works to create a relationship to art that extends beyond the performance itself.

The TF wants to enrich the artistic experience of its audience, regardless of their age. Through various activities and initiatives, the team enlightens spectators as to the artistic approach and creative process of featured artists, helping to broaden and deepen their encounters with the works presented.

… brings Canadian audiences into contact with exceptional works of art from other countries.

Hosting foreign works bring new and stimulating perspectives, forms and ideas to the Canadian stage.

… is a focal point for the French-speaking community and a source of delight for Francophiles.

The TF is a dedicated defender of the French language which is viewed as an essential expression of  cultural identity. 

NAC French Theatre Team