The Collaborations

We, at Canada’s National Arts Centre, are fueled by the idea that all of Canada is our stage.

The goal of The Collaborations is to place resources directly into the hands of the artists. As supporters of new work, English Theatre wants to participate.  Creators inhabit all corners of Canada, and as they begin to dream their work into being, or take a next step towards refining their visions, The Collaborations aims to meet them on their path.

When considering projects for The Collaborations I have to ask myself questions such as: What is unique, or entirely special about this piece? Is this idea a good match for our programming goals? And perhaps most importantly: Can our investment give this piece a better life?

At home, at the NAC, we are  inspired by serving and supporting theatrical invention across this great land: Canada is our stage and The Collaborations is our conversation.

Sarah Garton Stanley, Curator for The Collaborations

The Collaborations

  • Curator - Sarah Garton Stanley
    Producer - Andy Lunney
    Associate Producer - Clayton Baraniuk

  • For more information email