Experience mind-blowing shows for $15!

Under30 tickets are for anybody under the age of 30. And yeah, that includes teens and kids! We know high ticket prices can keep away some young arts lovers, so we created Under30 to make it easier for you, your friends, and the kids in your life to enjoy amazing theatre, dance and music at the NAC.

Sweet! how do I get these tickets?

How to buy your Under30 tickets

Look for the Under30 icon on NAC event pages. When you find a show you want, look for tickets online.

Choose your seats. Select the Under30 ticket option for any eligible guests and regular tickets for the other attendees.

Review your cart and complete your order!

Spectacular experiences
Initimate performances
Mesmerizing movement
Provocative new works

Find NAC shows with Under30 tickets

Browse our calendar and look for the Under30 icon on the event page.

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Choose the seats you want, when you want.

Under30 replaces our Live Rush program and student tickets, and gives you more choice at a better price. Events marked with Under30 have $15 tickets available at any time, so you don’t have to wait until the last minute. Under30 tickets aren’t leftover seats, they are the main course. Bundle Under30 tickets with regular tickets to sit next to your family and friends of any age.

Hopefully we can answer some common questions here

Having trouble finding something you like?

We’re always listening to our audiences and want to know what kinds of events you, your friends, and family would love to see at the NAC