Kipnes Lantern

The Kipnes Lantern is the signature feature of the National Arts Centre’s architectural rejuvenation. Rising dramatically above the NAC’s new front entrance, the five story glass tower incorporates cutting-edge transparent LED screens to display stunning images of Canada’s leading artists and productions.

Recent projects

  • International Dance Day: Dance for Joy

    Celebrate International Dance Day with social media sensation Gurdeep Pandher from the Yukon. Initiated in 1982 by the International Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre...

  • World Theatre Day: Taking Centre Stage

    This year for World Theatre Day, we asked ourselves what we wanted to celebrate after two years of great insecurity for theatre makers in our...

  • My Journey Through Colours

    Deaf (Ghanaian-born) Toronto visual artist Peter Owusu-Ansah believes we can communicate through our eyes, not just words. His beautiful works vibrate with colour and energy. A series of...

The Kipnes Family

The Kipnes Family

Programming on the Kipnes Lantern is made possible thanks to a transformational gift of $5 million from Dr. Dianne Kipnes and Mr. Irving Kipnes of Edmonton. Dr. Kipnes completed nine years of service as a Director of the NAC Foundation in early 2017. She and her husband are leading philanthropists and have made generous gifts to the arts, health care, education and social services over many years.