The Global Network for Women Music Producers

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The Global Network for Women Music Producers is an initiative to support women and non-binary music producers and help right the gender imbalance in their field.

Designed in consultation with partners in countries from around the world, the program will help overcome barriers in the music industry, and provide opportunities for support, discussion, networking and collaboration. The program will also serve as a resource for musicians and record labels who are looking to work with a female-identifying producer.

The Global Network for Female-Identifying Music Producers is a partnership with Sounds Australia, Music Estonia, MTA Productions (Sweden) and producer liaison Belen Fasulis (Argentina).

An inspiring week in Canada

Women and non-binary music producers from Australia, Argentina, Wales, Estonia and Canada met in Montreal and Toronto in September 2023 for an inspiring week of knowledge sharing and networking activities as part of the program.

“Supporting and empowering amazing professionals, creating opportunities for discussion and collaboration, and making connections for women and non-binary producers is at the heart of the Global Network. During our week together in Toronto and Montreal in September, we continued to build on what we started just over two years ago – an experience to be repeated!”
Heather Gibson, Executive Producer, Popular Music & Variety, Canada’s National Arts Centre

“Now is the time to address the harsh inequity in music production. I truly believe that elevating women and non-binary producers into the mainstream and under the spotlight would benefit and grow the entire industry for everyone.”

Maïa Davies, music producer and artist (Montreal, QC)


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