Big Bang Festival

February 19-20, 2022

A return in force, in sound and in person

Beat the drums and sound the trumpets: the Big Bang is back in a big way! Once again, the city’s most vibrant festival will be held on site, ready to rock every corner of Ottawa’s great National Arts Centre. For real! Sounds everywhere you go, fantasy in your ears, like a colourful musical current that runs from your head to your toes. 

Dive in with us on February 19 and 20! Concerts of all kinds, mysterious sound machines and a lot of carefully guarded surprises await you! And if you and your family don’t live nearby, you won’t be left out: you can enjoy parts of the event online, right in your living room, wherever you are. 

Pssst! Stay tuned: the complete program will be announced in January!

Watch trailer

Big Bang 2022 teaser

Adventures in sound for the whole family

Vivaldi meets the circus arts

Look out! The circus arts are coming to the symphony hall!

  • The Greenhouse

    Rock concert for little ones

    Rock concert, rave party, 360° show ... The Greenhouse is all that and more! Perfect for dancing, letting off steam or relaxing. Who says vegetables are boring?

  • Sarah Thawer

    Drum Solo

    This Canadian drummer is a superstar, rocking out in live performances and in her YouTube videos. Be sure to meet this amazing musician!

  • listen

    Radio BIG BANG

    Wacky features and interviews with curious personalities, performances by various artists as well as answers to music and sound topics you didn’t realize you wanted to know!

  • Chansons pour le musée

    Three episode podcast

    Grab your headphones and find a comfortable spot! Chansons pour le musée (“songs for the museum”) is a story in three episodes about Karine-Pas-Sauvé’s unusual quest.

  • Lulling Time

    An explosition of soothing songs

    Lulling Time has invited people of all ages and backgrounds to share their childhood memories and, through their voices or simple murmurings, revive an overlooked cultural heritage.

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The Big Bang Festival is presented by the National Arts Centre in collaboration with Zonzo compagnie, with the support of the European Union's Creative Europe programme.

BIG BANG Festival is a format developed and owned by Zonzo Compagnie.