Parking here

Pick-up, drop-off and taxis


Both the Elgin Street and Canal entrances have a lay-by location for easy pick-up and drop-off.


If arriving at the NAC by taxi, you can use the lay-by on Elgin Street or the Canal lobby entrance on Freiman Lane (the road running behind the NAC).

On-site parking

Elgin/Slater entrance is open at all times.
Automated payment stations available 24 hours, 7 days a week
The clearance for the parking garage is 6'4"

Parking Attendants On Duty
Weekdays 8 am - midnight
Saturday 8 am - 1 am
Sunday Open 2 hours before curtain until the end of the last performance.

Parking rates

Enter before 4 pm : $3 per half hour ($20 max)
Enter after 4 pm : $3 per half hour ($12 max)
24 hour period: $3 per half hour ($25 max)
Weekend rates: $3 per half hour ($12 max)
Monthly parking passes: $255

Parking fees at the NAC are HST exempt.

If you have any questions about garage opening and closing hours, please feel free to contact us by phone at 343 588-0498 or by email

To update your account info, or to inquire about parking spaces rentals, please feel free to contact us by phone at 343 588-0498 or by email

Alternate parking options

There are many parking options near the NAC in downtown Ottawa. Here are a few alternate indoor parking garage options:

World Exchange Plaza, 111 Albert Street
Sheraton Ottawa Hotel, 150 Albert Street
Place Bell Canada, 160 Elgin Street
Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West
Shaw Centre (ImPark), 55 Colonel By Drive

Bicycle parking


Find free bicycle parking in the NAC Garage next to the main exit lane from level P3 to Queen Elizabeth Driveway (3 racks)


  • Outside the new Box Office foyer on Freiman Lane (2 racks)
  • Outside our administration offices on the sidewalk of Mackenzie Bridge (1 rack)
  • Outside the restaurant's terrace by the Canal (1 rack)

Electric vehicle charging

The NAC has 4 charging stations available with no extra charge. Only parking fees apply, with a maximum usage of 4 hours of charging.

All charging stations are on garage level 3 in the U and V sections.

Accessible parking areas

Accessible parking areas are reserved for visitors with mobility issues who come to the NAC by car. Accessible parking is available on Parking 2 and Parking 3 levels near the elevators.  For reference, Parking Level 2 has blue signage, and Parking Level 3 has red signage. 

Parking garage map

Parking payment options

Touchless option (the quickest option!)

Use your credit or debit card, or mobile pay (Apple Pay, Google Wallet) by tapping the machine as you enter and exit the garage. Use the same card or mobile pay account for both taps. Charges are based on the duration of your stay.

Paper ticket option

Take a ticket from the machine as you enter the garage. When exiting, scan or insert your ticket into the machine and pay with a credit or debit card, or mobile pay on your phone. For cash payment, please use one of our three parking pay stations located in the lobbies on levels 2 and 3, and use the paid ticket when exiting the garage.

Box Office clients

When transacting at the Box Office, clients can park at the NAC at no cost for up to an hour.

You must still get a ticket at the machine as you drive into the garage. At the Box Office, our staff will provide you a parking voucher. As you drive out, scan or insert your ticket AND voucher one after the other at the exit lane machine. The gate will automatically lift.

Please note that the Box Office does not offer free parking when attending performances.

For more information about parking at the NAC call 343 588-0498, or email at