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  • SEPTEMBER 11-29

    Indigenous Arts Festival

    With a season focused on themes of cultural reclamation, Indigenous women’s resilience and theatre as an artistic resurgence, we proudly claim space at the NAC with contemporary, traditional and culturally-specific Indigenous activities and events.

  • Treemonisha is finally getting the reinvention it deserves

    Volcano Theatre’s powerful collaboration is the driving force behind bringing new life to Treemonisha, Scott Joplin's ground-breaking 1911 opera.

  • Reboot of Counting Sheep: Staging A Revolution

    “It was easy and hard at the same time,” says Marichka Marczyk about the reboot of Counting Sheep: Staging A Revolution, a music theatre hybrid that plunges its audience into the 2014 ‘Revolution of Dignity’ in Kyiv, Ukraine.