Attending a show


There are two main entrances to the NAC. The main entrance is located at the corner of Queen and Elgin facing the National War Memorial.

The second entrance faces the Rideau Canal and is accessed from Lawrence Freiman Lane that starts at the corner of Queen and Elgin.

Coat and bag check

Coat check services are available for all performances in Southam Hall, Babs Asper Theatre, and Azrieli Studio. The cost is $3 per person. Cash, credit cards, and debit cards are accepted.

To help ensure your comfort and security, all bags and suitcases must be left at the coat check, with the exception of handbags. We would also recommend checking your overcoat.

Please note that Coat Check services are not offered from June to August.

Cameras, phones & recording equipment

Photographic and recording equipment is strictly prohibited inside the hall without prior written permission from the NAC; infringement of this rule can lead to immediate suspension of admission privileges.

Please turn your phone or mobile device ringtone off and brightness down to not disturb other audience members. Much like a movie theatre, phone use can interfere with other patrons’ view; please reduce use to a minimum. 

Latecomers policy

Latecomers will be permitted to reach their seats only during a suitable pause in the programme. Displays are located outside the venue to watch the performance while waiting.

Please note that, for certain performances, latecomers are not allowed at all.

Venue information

Once in the Elgin st entrance, you will be directed by signs or helpful staff to your performance venue.

Southam Hall, is our largest performing hall, with 2,065 seats. NAC OrchestraBroadway, NAC Dance Ballet and Series A shows all take place on this stage.

The Babs Asper Theatre is our second largest performance space, with 897 seats. This venue features shows from English TheatreFrench TheatreNAC Presents and Dance Series B.

The Azrieli Studio is an intimate dance, theatre and music performance venue that does not have reserved seating. Arrive early and get the best seats!

The Fourth Stage is our most intimate performance space with no reserved seating.

Scent policy

Out of consideration for your fellow patrons, especially those with environmental sensitivities, we ask that you refrain from using scented products while at the NAC. If you are experiencing a reaction due to exposure to scents or other chemicals, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Ruddy Lounge for donors

The Ruddy Lounge is open to eligible donors. The Ruddy Lounge opens one hour prior to Southam Hall evening performances by NAC Dance and by the NAC Orchestra and remains open during the intermission. 

Pre-order drinks for intermission

If your show has an intermission, be sure to pre-order your drinks and skip the line!

You can pre-order your drinks for intermission, before your show, from any intermission bar counter. Your drinks will then be waiting for you next to the main counter at intermission, saving you time by avoiding the long lineup!