Southam Hall

Southam Hall is the largest of our four performing halls. With 2,065 seats, it is an ideal venue for a variety of performances and events, including Broadway musicals, ballet, opera, musical acts, lectures, ceremonies, films, orchestral music and virtually any other entertainment or corporate event. Southam Hall has showcased numerous world class premier entertainment events including Opera productions, recitals, and Broadway musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Spamalot, and Wicked.

Southam Hall has four levels of seating and each level has its own set of Boxes. The State Box located on the Mezzanine level is where visiting Royalty, heads of state or V.I.P. guests are seated.

New this season

The sweet new sound of Southam Hall

This season you will experience unprecedented clarity as the music of the NAC Orchestra envelops you, courtesy of a new orchestra shell, and state of the art electrical and technical equipment. On par with international standards, no matter your seating preference, the re-shaped acoustic environment will deliver beautifully clear and rich sound.

With the new shell, the musicians will be able to hear one another better, and over the course of the season, their strong connection will continue to grow as they can respond more immediately to the nuances of each other’s energy and sound.

The orchestra will sit closer to the audience and will receive far more support from the new acoustic shell, meaning that the sound and the whole feel of performance will be more direct and visceral both for performers and audience.” Alexander Shelley, NAC Orchestra Music Director
© Dwayne Brown

Seating & Guests

  • Boxes 186
  • Orchestra 942
  • Parterre 148
  • Mezzanine 263
  • Amphitheater 263
  • Balcony 263