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Front of House/Usher services: Rentals includes a full complement of ushering staff. Usher and/or security staffing services beyond the normal complement are available at an additional cost.

NAC Southam Hall

Southam Hall is the largest of our three performing halls. With 2,065 seats, it is an ideal venue for a variety of performances and events, including Broadway musicals, ballet, opera, musical acts, lectures, ceremonies, films, orchestral music and virtually any other entertainment or corporate event. Southam Hall has showcased numerous world class premier entertainment events including Opera productions, recitals, and Broadway musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Spamalot, and Wicked.

Southam Hall has four levels of seating and each level has its own set of Boxes. The State Box located on the Mezzanine level is where visiting Royalty, heads of state or V.I.P. guests are seated.

Boxes: 186
Front Orchestra: 159
Orchestra: 783
Parterre: 148
Mezzanine: 263
Ampitheatre: 263
Balcony: 263

Seating Chart

Babs Asper Theatre

The design of the Babs Asper Theatre, which has 897 seats, is ideal for plays, musicals, seminars, conferences, films chamber music and other musical events. The Theatre showcases the NAC's premier theatrical productions. The Babs Asper Theatre is an ideal venue for corporate seminars and presentations.

Balcony: 192
Front Orchestra: 87
Orchestra: 618

Seating Chart

Azrieli Studio

The Azrieli Studio has a capacity of 250-300. A wide variety of performances are presented in the Azrieli Studio and it is also used for corporate seminars and presentations.

NAC Fourth Stage

The NAC is undergoing architectural renewal to bring a fantastic new public façade to Elgin Street, with new public spaces and a fully renovated 4th Stage. The Fourth Stage is re-opening in October 2017.