associate artistic director, French Theatre

Mélanie Dumont

Last updated: April 14, 2023


For Mélanie Dumont, the theatre is a fabulous playground! Since 2011 as associate artistic director of NAC French Theatre, Mélanie has focused on providing fantastic interdisciplinary spaces for audiences age 0 to 20 to flex their imaginations! A close associate of Brigitte Haentjens, she has acted as dramaturg for several of her productions, including RomeRichard III and Dans la solitude des champs de coton, and also wrote Ce qui se trame, an overview of this important artist’s practice. Having developed close artistic links with Flemish creators over the years, Mélanie has collaborated on a number of Belgian projects, including Hush with the Zonzo company and the BIG BANG Festival.

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Like a big beautiful open sky

Theatre unfolds before you like a bold and unpredictable dream. Make yourself comfortable. A crowd of imaginations in full flight appears every time you come here. 

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