Special Projects

Nuits claires

“Theatre is to the community what nocturnal dreams are to the individual: a way of finding symbolic representations of and even solutions to vital questions that neither logic nor will can grasp or resolve.”
Paul Lefebvre

© Egor Komarov

Writing at night

The National Arts Centre is proud to announce that Nuits claires, a major pan-Canadian project initiated by Mani Soleymanlou, artistic director of NAC French Theatre, and Cory Haas, artistic and managing director of Vancouver’s Théâtre la Seizième, will kick off in a few weeks.

Writing the night: on and during the night, to see what this space liberates by moving away from the usual questions of identity and language. Taking twelve authors on a journey from West to East – against the spindle, in other words – this ambitious adventure will unite them in a creative exploration of the night and its mysteries.

The participants will be chosen to reflect the diversity of the contemporary world, with close supervision by the two dramaturges-accompagnateurs to script and edit the material produced. The project, combining play, nocturnal exploration and transnational collaboration, promises to reveal new voices and visions within the Francophonie in relation to the vital issues of our time.

Proposed schedule and participating companies