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Symphonie de cœurs

RD Créations Montreal

A pulsating beat of humanity in a social symphony perpetually under construction, Symphonie de cœurs proposes a storm of bodies, sound compositions and immersive visual projections inspired by demographic data.

This large-scale production with a cast of 80 artists (60 musicians and 20 dancers) will attempt to shed light and transform the stage into a gigantic heart that invites the audience to become aware of these rhythmic investigations into the defects of the heart and the defects of society. The tension of a dancer–musician duet, a decagon of violins in an accelerating accompaniment to the plural bodies of Rhodnie Désir in balance, the tremolos of 20 dancers in the orchestra pit silently beating out the rhythm: the collective result will burst forth like an ode to the power of the heart.

Rhodnie Désir © Marjorie Guindon


Since 2017, RD Creations produces and presents creative projects by artistic director and choreographer Rhodnie Désir. Simultaneously authentic and contemporary, the Montreal-based organization operates internationally using an innovative artistic approach that questions socio political trends, explores movement, defies the imagination, engages citizens, transmits knowledge while archiving the memory of its people. Rhodnie’s choreographic-documentary work is quite unique and unlike anything seen before.

Each of its works aspires to be a voice for the voiceless and to engage directly with the communities from which it draws its inspiration. Whether through presentations, grassroots-level cultural mediation or choreographic works, RD Creations acts as a social archive, leaving a legacy of cultural wealth. It believes in the potential of combining multiple media in the same choreographic work, allowing it to evolve according to the social realities and cultures it encounters.

Deeply rooted in ancestral cultures, RD Creations is committed to respecting cultures by fostering genuine collaborations and prioritizing listening, discussion and interaction. These collaborations take place in and across political, media, government, social and community spheres, leading to valuable partnerships - for example, with 45 partners, 130 specialists and 15 musicians for the BOW’T TRAIL project.​

Creative team

National Creation Fund investment

The National Creation Fund’s investment of $215,000 supports an extensive research and creation period extending over three years. Through workshops, trials and learning, the creative team and artists will find the unique shared language that will inform and support the construction of the work.  The investment will also support the development of large-format digital projections, and provide additional time to develop the original music and orchestral arrangements. 


Co-producers and diffusers: Danse Danse, National Arts Centre, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

Artistic associate: Orchestre Métropolitain

Main Partners: National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund, National Film Board

Creative Partners: Montreal Heart Institute and Place des Arts