Our aim is to keep this as simple as possible: we’re asking you to outline your project, how it meets our criteria, and how the National Creation Fund will make your project even better.

In this initial phase we are not asking for detailed budgets, extensive documentation, or samples of work – we simply need enough information to determine whether your project meets our criteria and stands out as the kind of compelling, ambitious project the Fund might be interested in. 

We’re asking you to provide the following information:

  • Your project: Excite us about your artistic vision, but also tell us about the technical and production plans. Is it a multimedia work for a large traditional performance space with a cast of 20? An intimate, immersive solo piece? We are open to all types of work, but we need a clear understanding of your project.
  • Your artistic team: Who are the key creators? Outline their experience and list their notable projects.
  • Your producing and presenting partners: Who are the companies or organizations committed to putting your work on the stage?
  • Your development plans and timeline: We expect that most successful projects will be in development for several years.  Tell us how the work will be created, and over what period – research, residencies, workshops, work-in-progress presentations, premiere(s) and touring plans.
  • Your budget: We only need a high-level budget at this stage. Include the anticipated development costs and presentation costs.  List each of your sources of revenue, and indicate whether funding is confirmed.  
  • National Creation Fund investment: How much are you looking for, and how will our investment make your project better? What will the Fund allow you to do that otherwise wouldn’t be possible?


To be considered, projects must meet the following criteria:

  • They are led by Canadian creators in theatre, dance, music and/or inter-disciplinary performing arts;
  • They are artistically ambitious and compelling;
  • They have a strong artistic team and strong producing and presenting partners; and
  • They are likely to have a national or international impact.


There are no fixed deadlines for submissions. You can send us your proposal when you and your project are ready.

We will review proposals as we receive them. We will let you know in four to six weeks if your project will be moving to the next phase of consideration. If your project doesn’t meet our criteria, or is not as strong as other submissions, we’ll let you know then. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide feedback at this time.

If your project makes it past this initial phase, we will be in touch to start a conversation. We’re looking to build a relationship with a project and its creators, so we’ll want to get to know you and the work better.

The timing of our final decision will vary depending on whether your plans are fairly advanced, or are still evolving.

Submit your proposal

You can now submit your proposal following these four steps:

  1. Make sure your project meets our criteria.
  2. Review the Fund’s official Terms and Conditions
  3. Download the proposal form (101 Kb Microsoft Word) and complete the six questions.
  4. Once you have completed the proposal form, create a profile and submit your proposal

We will send you a confirmation email when your proposal has been received.
Please do not send us proposals by e-mail or regular mail. 
We also do not require support materials (audio, video, etc.) at this time.


The National Arts Centre is subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. Information which you submit to the National Arts Centre in support of your proposal will be handled in accordance with the provisions of these Acts and in accordance with the applicable policies of the National Arts Centre. For more information: Access to Information  |  Privacy