Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of work will the Fund invest in?

    The National Creation Fund will invest in projects that meet the following criteria:

    • They are led by Canadian creators in theatre, dance, music and/or inter-disciplinary performing arts;
    • They are artistically ambitious and compelling;
    • They have a strong artistic team and strong producing and presenting partners; and
    • They are likely to have a national or international impact.
  • How do I submit a proposal to the National Creation Fund?

    Guidelines for how to submit a proposal may be found here. The National Creation Fund will begin receiving proposals on November 1, 2017.

  • Can I submit, or be associated with, more than one project?

    Yes. While it is unlikely that we would invest in more than one project by an artist or arts organization in any given year, we know that artists may be associated with multiple projects in development, and that some organizations might partner as co-producers or presenters on multiple projects – that’s how bold, ambitious work gets made.

  • If my project is not selected for investment, will I receive feedback as to why?

    Unfortunately we won’t be able to provide detailed feedback on your project in the initial phase of consideration. If we have considered your project for our next phase of selection, we will discuss with you the reasons your project was not ultimately chosen for investment.

  • How are decisions made?

    The National Creation Fund will select projects based on a curatorial process led by the Artistic Producer and a small group at the NAC. We will evaluate projects in three phases. First, they must meet the Fund’s investment criteria. The most compelling of these projects will go through a second phase of consideration that will involve conversations with the artists as well as more detailed artistic and financial information. Finally, we will make investment decisions from among the very best of these projects.

  • What are the deadlines for submissions?

    There are currently no fixed deadlines for submissions – send us your proposal when you and your project are ready. You can submit your proposal any time after November 1, 2017.  

  • When will I know if my proposal is successful?

    We will review proposals as we receive them. You’ll hear from us in four to six weeks whether your project will move forward to the next phase of consideration.  If your project doesn’t meet our criteria, or is not as strong as other submissions, we’ll let you know then.

    If your project makes it past this initial phase, we’ll need more information and will be in touch to start a conversation.  We’re looking to build a relationship with a project and its creators, so we’ll want to get to know you and the work better.

    From there, timing will vary. If your plans are fairly advanced and your teams, partners, and funders are in place, we should be able to make a decision relatively quickly; if your plans are still evolving, so too will our conversations.  Should we decide not to invest in your project, we’ll let you know right away. 

  • Are there upper and lower limits to your investments?

    Our plan is to invest up to $3 million in 15 to 20 projects each year, and these investments will range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The National Creation Fund was created to address the funding gap that bold, ambitious projects too often face, by making select significant, game-changing investments in a small number of projects each year. Our intent is not to invest small amounts of money in many projects.

  • Can non-Canadian artists and arts organizations receive funding for projects? What if some members of the creative team, or producing partners, are non-Canadian?

    The Fund will not invest in projects from outside Canada. Our goal is to help develop great work by Canadian artists that will go on to stages at home and abroad. However, we are open to projects that include international artists as members of the creative team, and of international partnerships and co-productions.