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Composer Ana Sokoloviċ composed a 30-minute symphony for her episode which brings the viewer on an allegorical journey to dedramatize the COVID-19 pandemic by contextualizing it in the history of humanity. Featuring Canadian mezzo-soprano Ema Nikolovska, named by CBC as one of their “30 hot Canadian classical musicians under 30” for 2020.

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  • 1:41
    UNDISRUPTED: A unique opportunity
  • 3:21
    UNDISRUPTED: The inspiration behind "Iskra"

Creative and Production teams: Iskra

  • Episode curated and conceived by Ana Sokoloviċ
  • Music Director and Conductor Alexander Shelley
  • Creative Producer Donna Feore
  • Composer Ana Sokoloviċ
  • Visual Design & Production Normal Studio
  • Video Capture (Orchestra) ProdCan Inc.
  • Sound Production Carl Talbot (Musicom Productions Inc.)
  • Lighting Designer Kimberly Purtell
  • Executive Producer Arna Einarsdottir
  • Producer Nelson McDougall
  • Producer Fletcher Gailey-Snell
  • Technical Director Pasquale Cornacchia

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