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NAC French Theatre

2019-2020 SEASON

Mélanie DUMONT Associate artistic director, Enfance/jeunesse<

The Biggest Playground of All

The theatre is probably the biggest playground I know. It seems to me that there’s no space in the world more open and more playful than a theatre stage. Like a blank page, it invites possibilities. I imagine them, these wiggly little possibilities, crowding noisily around the stage, shouting, “Me, me, me! “ Given this extraordinary premise, the stage can become absolutely anything: a giant forest to explore, a sound box for bouncing balls, an underground passage where you confront and bury your prejudices, a soft square for group hijinks, an imaginary border or a bridge of words between friendly banks ... With wild inventiveness, the artists featured in our season have fun turning the stage in all directions, populating it with words, light, sounds, movements and objects that they cleverly put together right before our fascinated eyes. They invent universes that sometimes look a little bit like ours and sometimes don’t at all, always with the aim of offering audience members young and old the opportunity to connect with the experience—to see themselves, to observe the life going on around them by taking a step back or stepping aside.

At a time when the future seems determined to keep us pinned to the spot, there’s an urgent need to consider the present, to find the strength to face it. But doing that requires play—that is, space to dream, create, imagine, reinvent, build, and keep feeding the precious little fire that crackles inside each one of us. It’s what drives us and moves us forward. So, you, and you, and you, and you: jump right into the biggest, most beautiful playground of all! Come play with us!