NAC French Theatre

2018-2019 SEASON

Mélanie DUMONT Associate artistic director, Enfance/jeunesse<

The Children and Youth Series in full elastic mode

What can we expect from theatre? What does it hold in store for us?

When I go to the theatre, I’m ready for ANYTHING. There aren’t many places where I get the feeling that anything, anything, anything can happen, can appear, can become—and in a way I couldn’t possibly imagine, much less predict.

It’s as if theatre were potentially ELASTIC. “Like bread dough,” suggested a friend when I mentioned this notion to her. “Or a science-fiction monster,” she quickly added. And when you think of it, without a flexible reality, would an extraterrestrial encounter even be possible?

Even the simplest forms of theatre, with a few special effects, have the power to extend the realm of the known. What greater thrill than when a show defies familiar conventions, ventures into new territory, and transports us elsewhere?

And more than that, theatre adds a new dimension to our experience of the world! MULTIDIMENSIONAL: thanks to artists’ talent for discovering unexpected angles, finding new ways to tell stories and rekindle the performer–audience relationship. Not to mention the presence on stage of flesh-and-blood beings, sometimes just a few centimetres away …

Wait until you see this amazing actress playing all the parts in a story, with astonishing twists and inflections; or that group of versatile musicians inviting young audience members to jam with them on stage, using whatever props they can find. There’s a good chance you’ll feel the sense of quivering life, the surprising and incomparable rush of joy that theatre delivers. A bit like the works carved out in ancient times, or today’s 3D productions—but without the glasses!

Timeless, and always timely.

In a word: elastic.

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