NAC French Theatre

2023-2024 SEASON

Mélanie DUMONT Directrice artistique associée, volet Enfance/jeunesse

Like a big beautiful open sky

Theatre unfolds before you like a big beautiful open dream. 

Make yourself comfortable. 

In the silence, a thousand colours are already pulsating, and in the darkness of the room there’s a soft rustle of excitement. It always starts like this. And yet nothing is ever the same. In this moment, everything is still possible. 

You should know that a crowd of imaginations in full flight will take over the space and paint it with their crazy dreams. To welcome you, and to transport you somewhere out of time, the creators, each in turn, will transform the theatre. Picture in your mind: a giant lantern/stage, a set in the shape of a birthday cake, magical little multidisciplinary islands, a mysterious lake crackling in the winter mist, a space for play and electric art, or even a simple black box—all settings for the joyful swirl of bodies and objects in the light. 

A whole world appears every time you come here. Particles of sounds, words, materials, moods and images shimmer at your feet, and soon all around you. The power of these unfettered imaginations is amazing. Like a sudden break in the clouds, it carves small, luminous and delightfully carefree gaps in the (sometimes dark) course of our days. And you’re invited in ... 

Remember: dreams are always bold and unpredictable.