June 30, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

NAC French Theatre

Mathieu Rivard

Brigitte HAENTJENS Artistic director

Beyond the pandemic

The upheavals that typify our modern era are frequently listed. Are they more radical than in the past? Of course, all the restraints that seemed to curb violence—political, social, domestic—appear to have failed. Violence insinuates itself into everyday life, becomes commonplace, infiltrates conversations and relationships. Isolation and insecurity make us vulnerable, more fragile and perhaps more submissive. One sometimes has the feeling of being subjected to barbarism, buffeted by the waves of a system that was nevertheless forged by humans.

Now more than ever, artists are looking for answers. They examine the past, they mine history to find material as much to deepen our understanding as to spark hope. And in the present, they question civil and political society as well as more intimate structures: the family, the group, the couple.

We are driven by the desire to find the light in the darkness, even in the obscurantism in which we live today. As if we had to die in order to be reborn. As if we had to stand up, to come together as a community in order to find a more just, more fraternal path.

We miss you and hope to see you again very soon so that, together, we can explore the depths of our humanity.

Brigitte Haentjens
Artistic Director