Norway House Cree/Métis
Nord du Manitoba

Enseignant responsable : Ryan D’Aoust
Artiste invité : Ted Longbottom

Production audio et vidéo : David Wowchuk
Crédit photo : Dave Wowchuk

Ted Longbottom est un auteur-compositeur-interprète, musicien de studio, acteur, artiste visuel et dramaturge métis. Sa musique a été jouée sur les ondes de Radio-Canada/CBC, The Discovery Channel, PBS et The History Channel. Il s'est produit dans des festivals de musique à travers le Canada et les États-Unis, et dans de nombreuses écoles et collectivités du Manitoba.

Paroles The Voices I Gained

I lost my talk, the talk you took away
Two ways I talk, both ways I stay
A prayer demanded, which I say
An order I’m forced, to obey

I’m not who I am, Or who I used to be
I wish I was free,  free to be me
Made to feel at fault, I lost my way
Fear and dread,  here I stay

I’m so tired, of feeling unknown
Wondering if I can, ever go home
My spirit is drifting, slowly away
Hoping for the day, It’ll all be okay

Sometimes I cry, I don’t want to be here
To even be around, or anywhere near
Whenever I think about it, I shed a tear
Isn’t it clear, I don’t want to be here

I have changed, I don’t know who I am these days
Spent so much time here, I can’t remember my ways
The days go by, nights a different place
If this is the past, then give me the space

Placed into somewhere,  I shouldn’t be
To a place where I was, scared to be me
Not all things are, what they seem

Sometimes I wish, it was all a dream