The Voices I Gained

Norway House Cree/Métis
Northern Manitoba    

Teacher Lead: Ryan D’Aoust
Guest Artist: Ted Longbottom

Video and Audio Production: David Wowchuk
Photo Credit: Dave Wowchuk

Ted Longbottom is a Métis singer-songwriter, recording artist, actor, visual artist and playwright. Ted’s music has been featured on CBC, The Discovery Channel, PBS, and The History Channel. Ted has performed at music festivals across Canada and the USA, as well as in schools and communities across Manitoba.

The Voices I Gained

I lost my talk, the talk you took away
Two ways I talk, both ways I stay
A prayer demanded, which I say
An order I’m forced, to obey

I’m not who I am, Or who I used to be
I wish I was free,  free to be me
Made to feel at fault, I lost my way
Fear and dread,  here I stay

I’m so tired, of feeling unknown
Wondering if I can, ever go home
My spirit is drifting, slowly away
Hoping for the day, It’ll all be okay

Sometimes I cry, I don’t want to be here
To even be around, or anywhere near
Whenever I think about it, I shed a tear
Isn’t it clear, I don’t want to be here

I have changed, I don’t know who I am these days
Spent so much time here, I can’t remember my ways
The days go by, nights a different place
If this is the past, then give me the space

Placed into somewhere,  I shouldn’t be
To a place where I was, scared to be me
Not all things are, what they seem

Sometimes I wish, it was all a dream