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Points of View avec Jillian Keiley

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  • Truth and Reconciliation: Jack Charles V The Crown

    26 January 2016 56:08

    Aboriginal. Actor. Addict. Residential School Survivor. Cat Burglar. Homosexual. Jack Charles is an Australian tribal Elder and a living legend. This highly entertaining and autobiographical presentation, which includes a three-piece...

  • Anne and Gilbert, The Musical!

    22 December 2015 37:45

    In this Points of View, NAC English Theatre Artistic Director Jillian Keiley hosts a discussion with two special guests, Anne & Gilbert Co-Composer and Lyricist Nancy White and Campbell Webster,...

  • At The Intersection of Grief and Culture

    10 December 2015 49:35

    In this Points of View, Assistant Director Brad Long hosts a discussion with two special guests, The December Man (L’homme de décembre) Director Sarah Garton Stanley and Paul Donison, Senior...

  • The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God

    17 November 2015 51:02

    In Negro Creek, Ontario, Rainey Johnson is a powerful figure. Grieving for her daughter, she survives with cynical wit, superior intellect and superhuman strength. She wants answers, true meaning, purpose...

  • The Double

    9 June 2015 48:29

    An anxious government clerk meets a strange lookalike who is daring, romantic, and brash – a success at everything the clerk fumbles. Is it really his double, or could he...

  • Take Me Back to Jefferson

    29 April 2015 38:05

    This Southern Gothic chronicles a family's odyssey to bury their matriarch. The Bundrens must do battle with floods, fire and their private demons as calamity and chaos haunt their 40-mile...

  • Obaaberima

    24 April 2015 51:50

    Coming out to yourself can be as hard as sharing it with others. Tawiah M’Carthy’s captivating hero is caught between worlds – gay and straight, black and white, African and...

  • Stuff Happens

    13 February 2015 50:45

    In this Points of View Podcast Associate Artistic Director Sarah Garton Stanley interviews director David Ferry and Rosemary Thompson for Stuff Happens. “Stuff happens… and it’s untidy, and freedom’s untidy, and...

  • Alice Through the Looking-Glass

    17 December 2014 50:40

    In this Points of View, guest host NAC English Theatre Artist in Residence Corey Payette chats with two special guests, Alice Through the Looking-Glass Assistant Director Christine Brubaker and Alice...

  • Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata

    1 December 2014 49:43

    In this Points of View episode, Special Guest Host, 2014-15 Ensemble member Amy Matysio chats with two guests – Do You Want What I Have Got? cast member Dmitry Chepovetsky...