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Derniers épisodes

  • King of the Yees

    3 November 2017 - Durée: 43:07

    It’s mid-rehearsal, and two actors playing Lauren and Larry deliver their lines. All is well until the real Larry wanders onstage. When the real Lauren – who, it seems, is also the playwright – leaps up from the audience, chaos…

  • Onegin

    2 November 2017 - Durée: 41:21

    Evgeni Onegin is a charismatic and bored bad boy who makes ruinous choices at every turn, leaving devastation in his wake. Based on Alexander Pushkin’s serial poem about unrequited love in 19th century Russia, this sweeping and romantic…

  • Kill Me Now

    1 July 2017 - Durée: 51:04

    Incendiary Canadian playwright Brad Fraser (Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love) makes his long-awaited return to the NAC with Kill Me Now, a gritty black comedy leavened with profound humanity. Widower Jake Sturdy…

  • Vigilante

    18 April 2017 - Durée: 45:09

    The ghosts of the Donnellys return to tell their side of things. A raucous, wall-of-sound rock opera, Vigilante tells the explosive true tale of a ruthless Irish immigrant family and an entire town bent on revenge. Based on…

  • Infinity : Music, Math and Theoretical Physics

    16 March 2017 - Durée: 52:47

    The cynical, skeptical daughter of a theoretical physicist and a composer, Sarah Jean’s clinical approach to love meets with little success. In this absorbing drama infused with science and classical music, three exceptional minds collide like charged particles in an…

  • The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

    16 February 2017 - Durée: 53:59

    A sweeping drama of personal and political ambition follows soon-to-be Premier Joey Smallwood – the self-described “Last Father of Confederation” – as he propels the Dominion of Newfoundland into union with Canada in 1949. Both saint and sinner, the charismatic,…

  • A Christmas Carol

    20 December 2016 - Durée: 48:23

    In Victorian London, bitter, selfish Ebenezer Scrooge spends Christmas Eve counting his money. But unexpected visits by the ghost of his former partner Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come change his life forever. This…

  • Empire of the Son

    12 December 2016 - Durée: 48:08

    In this exhilaratingly original, multimedia one-man show, actor / comedian / radio broadcaster Tetsuro Shigematsu tells the dynamic story of an emotionally distant father whose legacy is felt beyond his lifetime.

    From the ashes of Hiroshima to swinging 1960s London,…

  • ‘da Kink in my Hair

    5 December 2016 - Durée: 41:07

    Get back to your roots! “If you want to know a black woman, you touch her hair,” says Novelette of the clients in her Toronto hair salon. ‘da Kink is raw, energetic theatre, showcasing eight fascinating, multi-faceted women. With riffs…

  • Belles Soeurs: The Musical

    19 May 2016 - Durée: 45:44

    In this final Points of View of the 2015/16 season, Artistic Director Jillian Keiley hosts a discussion with two special guests, Belles Soeurs Producer Allan Sandler and Joël Beddows, Outgoing Director, Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa /…