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Points of View avec Jillian Keiley

Points of view du Théâtre anglais du Centre national des Arts du Canada

Derniers épisodes

  • Vigilante

    18 April 2017 45:09

    The ghosts of the Donnellys return to tell their side of things. A raucous, wall-of-sound rock opera, Vigilante tells the explosive true tale of a ruthless Irish immigrant family and...

  • Infinity : Music, Math and Theoretical Physics

    16 March 2017 52:47

    The cynical, skeptical daughter of a theoretical physicist and a composer, Sarah Jean’s clinical approach to love meets with little success. In this absorbing drama infused with science and classical...

  • The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

    16 February 2017 53:59

    A sweeping drama of personal and political ambition follows soon-to-be Premier Joey Smallwood – the self-described “Last Father of Confederation” – as he propels the Dominion of Newfoundland into union...

  • A Christmas Carol

    20 December 2016 48:23

    In Victorian London, bitter, selfish Ebenezer Scrooge spends Christmas Eve counting his money. But unexpected visits by the ghost of his former partner Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past,...

  • Empire of the Son

    12 December 2016 48:08

    In this exhilaratingly original, multimedia one-man show, actor / comedian / radio broadcaster Tetsuro Shigematsu tells the dynamic story of an emotionally distant father whose legacy is felt beyond his...

  • ‘da Kink in my Hair

    5 December 2016 41:07

    Get back to your roots! “If you want to know a black woman, you touch her hair,” says Novelette of the clients in her Toronto hair salon. ‘da Kink is...

  • Belles Soeurs: The Musical

    19 May 2016 45:44

    In this final Points of View of the 2015/16 season, Artistic Director Jillian Keiley hosts a discussion with two special guests, Belles Soeurs Producer Allan Sandler and Joël Beddows, Outgoing...

  • Concord Floral

    11 May 2016 42:09

    Something happened at the Concord Floral greenhouse. Nobody talks about it – until two girls uncover the horrifying secret. Now havoc has been unleashed, forcing ten teenagers to flee a...

  • BOOM: the cultural heartbeat of a generation

    8 April 2016 36:22

    BOOM chronologically documents a historical period stretching from that first ‘boom’ of the Atomic Bomb in 1945 all the way to the Apollo 11 landing the first human beings on...

  • Don’t Doubt the Trout! - Twelfth Night

    2 February 2016 49:08

    In this Points of View, NAC English Theatre Associate Artistic Director Sarah Garton Stanley hosts a discussion with three special guests, Pityu Kenderes and Judd Palmer of The Old Trout...