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Découvrez avec Sean Rice (deuxième clarinette de l'Orchestre du CNA) le monde de la musique orchestrale et ses grands compositeurs. Cette série de programmes audio vous offre des commentaires instructifs sur les prochaines prestations de l’OCNA ainsi que des extraits d’œuvres et des entrevues avec des musiciens de l’OCNA et des artistes invités.

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  • Deuxième clarinette Sean Rice
  • Soul Stirring Music

    English 15 March 2017 40:48

    Sean Rice and Alexander Shelley talk about the "Soul Stirring Music" coming up in the 2017-2018 season of the NAC Orchestra. "I am full of anticipation for the NAC Orchestra season...

  • A Night of Classical Collisions #TheKiss

    English 12 December 2016 17:09

    In celebration of Beethoven and Schumann – two highly expressive and innovative composers, the NAC Orchestra created an eclectic evening of music, dance and art called Classical Collisions. Fine...

  • Joel Quarrington and Peter Paul Koprowski’s Concertante for Double Bass, Strings and Percussion

    English 7 December 2016 26:35

    November 16 & 17 was the world-premiere of Peter Paul Koprowski's Concertante for Double Bass, Strings and Percussion, written for and performed by the NAC Orchestra’s own world-class, mega-talented principal...

  • Canadian Brass

    English 23 November 2016 28:44

    Did you know the Canadian Brass shares founding members with the National Arts Centre Orchestra!? Join Sean Rice in a conversation about the history and future of Canadian Brass with...

  • Is Classical Music Really Dead?

    English 17 May 2016 1:21:27

    The death knell for classical music has been ringing for decades. Yet many say the music is not only alive, it’s kicking! Join us for a fascinating, up-close-and-personal conversation with two...

  • Sean Rice chats with Nadia Sirota before the Canadian premiere of Nico Muhly’s Electrifying Viola Concerto

    English 26 April 2016 24:15

    Vanguards of the New York indie classical scene, composer Nico Muhly and violist Nadia Sirota embody the meaning of "classical reincarnated" in an electrifying concert. Nadia Sirota joins Alexander Shelley in...

  • Exploring the works of Richard Strauss with Alexander Shelley

    English 23 March 2016 39:06

    Nick talks to Alexander Shelley about his plan to perform, over the next several seasons, the works of one of his favourite composers, Richard Strauss. The orchestra begins next week...

  • Sean Rice takes you inside the music of the All-Canadian Wolfgang Session Number 5

    English 15 January 2016 14:29

    Sean Rice is back with another special “all-Canadian WolfGANG” edition of the NACOcast! This time, Sean interviews Canadian composer Andrew Staniland in advance of the world premiere of the NAC-commissioned...

  • Humour in Music

    English 8 December 2015 46:55

    Looking at the lighter side of the classics, with selections from Mozart, Rossini and others. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf appears for the first time on the same playbill as Spike Jones.

  • Special Edition: Sean Rice, 2nd clarinetist with the NAC orchestra, interviews Bryce Dessner

    English 19 November 2015 16:14

    WolfGANG is back! He’s got a new bowtie, and he’s ready to get his groove on. Come to the Mercury Lounge to hear works by the great Philip Glass, Montrealer...

  • Sound the Trumpet

    English 16 novembre 2015 50:31

    Nick asks: What does it take to play in an orchestral trumpet section? NACO trumpeters Karen Donnelly and Steven Van Gulik explain.

  • Canadian Voices

    English 13 octobre 2015 1:08:31

    Canadian voices. Nick takes a look at three iconic Canadian singers from the past: Lois Marshall, Leopold Simoneau and James Milligan, all of whom deserve a place in the pantheon...

  • Who’s Afraid of Anton Bruckner?

    English 8 June 2015 41:15

    Nick, Carissa Klopoushak and Sean Rice discuss the music of this frequently under-appreciated composer, as the NAC Orchestra prepares a performance of Bruckner's Ninth Symphony.

  • Green and Pleasant Land

    English 23 March 2015 1:05:19

    Nick presents some of his favourite pieces of music inspired by the English countryside. Music by Vaughan-Williams, Britten, Stanford and others, including a performance by Pinchas Zukerman of The...

  • Eric Friesen Presents his talk “Orchestral Schmorgesborg”

    English 10 March 2015 39:55

    Eric Friesen presents "Orchestral Schmorgesborg", a preconcert talk about the February 19 - 20, 2015 NAC Orchestra Concert "Søndergård Conducts Sibelius". Major works by Sibelius and Beethoven anchor this concert: Thomas...