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Hinterviews avec Peter Hinton

Peter Hinton est le directeur artistique du Théâtre anglais au Centre national des Arts à Ottawa. Considéré comme l'un des meilleurs metteurs en scène du Canada, il poursuit depuis vingt ans une carrière d'auteur et de dramaturge, en plus d'être un champion indéfectible du théâtre canadien. Chacune de nos baladodiffusions vous propose une incursion dans le monde intime des artistes et dans celui des esprits créateurs qui travaillent en coulisses.

Derniers épisodes

  • Grand Finale - Celebrating Six Years of Hinterviews

    11 February 2013 23:59

    In this final Hinterview of the series, we look back at some of the highlights featuring guests like Don McKellar, Robert Lepage, Paul Gross, Margaret Atwood, and Graham Greene.

  • And Slowly Beauty

    1 December 2011 43:42

    Imagine: you are Mr. Mann, and you’ve just won two tickets to Chekhov’s comedy, The Three Sisters. You’ve barely heard of Chekhov, but you go anyway (alone, because no...

  • Saltwater Moon

    3 November 2011 31:49

    On a moonlit night in August, 1926, 18 year-old Jacob Mercer has returned from Toronto to the tiny Newfoundland outport of Coley’s Point, hoping to win back his former sweetheart,...

  • i think i can

    7 June 2011 20:46

    Artistic Director Peter Hinton speaks with Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People Artistic Director Allen MacInnis about the Theatre, creating work with young people in mind and the how...

  • Lauchie, Liza and Rory

    29 April 2011 38:14

    Artistic Director Peter Hinton speaks with Lauchie, Liza and Rory producer and Mulgrave Road Theatre Artistic Director Emmy Alcorn about touring productions from the East Coast, the history of Mulgrave...

  • Saint Carmen of the Main

    29 March 2011 36:49

    Artistic Director Peter Hinton speaks with Saint Carmen of The Main translator Linda Gaboriau about working with Michel Tremblay, the creation process and new translation of Saint Carmen of The...

  • Agokwe

    4 March 2011 41:38

    Special Guest Suzanne Keeptwo speaks with Ed Roy, director and dramaturg of Agokwe, about the creation of the production, the importance of the message and how he worked with Waawaate...

  • “The Company”

    3 February 2011 1:01:34

    On Saturday, January 22, a Special Hinterview took place for NAC English Theatre subscribers and Friends of English Theatre, as Artistic Director Peter Hinton and Dramaturg and Artistic Associate...

  • The Year of Magical Thinking

    25 January 2011 36:45

    NAC English Theatre Artistic Director Peter Hinton speaks with Michael Shamata, director of The Year of Magical Thinking and Artistic Director of the Belfry Theatre in Victoria, about directing a...

  • nativity

    17 December 2010 25:19

    NAC English Theatre Artistic Director Peter Hinton speaks with nativity playwright Peter Anderson about the inspiration of the play, the process of the creation and how his career in theatre...