Eric Friesen présente l'Orchestre du CNA (en anglais)

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Comment l'Orchestre du Centre national des Arts est-il devenu l'ensemble de calibre mondial que l'on connaît aujourd'hui? Dans cette série de fichiers balados, le communicateur et auteur chevronné Eric Friesen remonte le fil de l'histoire de l'Orchestre du CNA jusqu'à sa création en 1969. Avec la personnalité attachante et l'esprit perspicace qui le caractérisent, il s'entretient avec des maestros, musiciens d'orchestre, artistes invités et administrateurs sur les débuts de l'ensemble, les défis qu'il a dû relever, les tournées qu'il a effectuées partout au Canada et dans divers coins de la planète, et le profil d'individus qu'il fallait pour amener l'Orchestre là où il est aujourd'hui.

A propos de l’hôte

  • Auteur, communicateur Eric Friesen
  • In With the New: a Golden Age of creativity

    English 4 October 2019 45:14

    With a revived commitment to commissioning and performing new music and particularly new Canadian music the NAC Orchestra is more creatively active than ever. All the forces are working in...

  • Beyond Ottawa: Touring, Recording, Broadcasting, Digital Engagement

    English 3 October 2019 39:24

    NAC Administrators and music lovers answer the question "Why is it important to have a national orchestra?" The NAC recognizes people are listening to music outside of the concert hall...

  • The players speak: Backstage with the NAC Orchestra musicians

    English 2 October 2019 43:38

    Eric speaks with the players themselves about this decade of transition, the 5th decade of the NAC Orchestra. Musicians share what brought them to Ottawa and why they continue...

  • The fifth decade: A new musical vision for the orchestra

    English 1 October 2019 45:54

    The fifth decade of the NAC Orchestra would see Pinchas Zukerman finish up his 16 year tenure as Music Director and give way to a new leader, Alexander Shelley. ...

  • The 2009 NAC Award Winners: Up Close and Personal

    English 9 July 2009 1:04:26

    Meet the second group of three Canadian composers given the prestigious NAC Awards: Peter Paul Kaprowski, Anna Sokolovic and John Estacio. Two are immigrants to Canada from Eastern Europe and...

  • The Post War Years: Canadian Composers Come of Age

    English 8 July 2009 1:08:42

    This is the story of the composers from the last two decades of the 20th century. These are men and women who are confident of their place in Canadian culture...

  • The Post War Years: Canadian Composers Come of Age

    English 7 July 2009 1:11:44

    As World War 2 ended, there was a great flowering in contemporary music making in Canada. For the first time, men and women declared themselves professional composers. Listen to the...

  • Beyond Ottawa: NACO and the World!

    English 6 July 2009 1:06:47

    The NAC Orchestra has from its very early years been known outside the boundaries of Canada. In its third year of life, it made a triumphant debut in New York...

  • Beyond Ottawa: The National Mandate of NACO

    English 5 July 2009 1:05:22

    The National Arts Centre Orchestra has, from its conception, had a mandate beyond Ottawa, a mandate to serve all Canadians from coast to coast to coast. The key national stages...

  • The Golden Years with Pinchas Zukerman

    English 4 July 2009 56:45

    The return of the NAC Orchestra to stability and health coincides with the arrival of a superstar violinist/conductor, and a man with a huge vision for expansion and education. ...

  • The Pinnock Years and a Memorable Principal Guest Conductor

    English 3 July 2009 57:02

    Through much of the 1990’s, the NAC Orchestra was led by the baroque and classical specialist from England, Trevor Pinnock. This was a time of continued financial challenges for...

  • The Eighties: Mannino and Chmura

    English 2 July 2009 57:37

    After 13 years under Bernardi, the NAC Orchestra’s new leader was another Italian: Franco Mannino. Where Bernardi had been all northern Italy - cold blue light, Mannino was all...

  • An Orchestra is born: The Bernardi Years

    English 1 July 2009 1:00:01

    The National Arts Centre Orchestra was born in the cultural euphoria of the 1960’s, an off shoot of a bold Centennial Year project for our nation’s capital. Not only...