• “Low Notes”

    5 June 2012 55:54

    Nick sits down with Joel Quarrington (double bass), Chris Millard (bassoon), and Jonathan Wade (timpani) to discuss the bass sections of the orchestra. They discuss the importance of the "low...

  • A “Messiah” Digest

    18 December 2006 30:40

    In this very special NACOcast presentation, Christopher takes us on a 30-minute guided tour of that holiday perennial, Handel's Messiah.

  • Antonín Dvořák

    20 February 2006 12:29

    Chris Millard looks ahead to NAC Orchestra performances of Mozart, Dvořàk and Canadian composer Alexina Louie. Musical excerpt from Dvořàk Symphony no. 7; (NAC Orchestra under the direction of Pinchas...