Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story

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Une production de 2b theatre company (Halifax, N.-É.)

À la fois comédie musicale énergique et conte folklorique aux accents sombres et comiques, Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story met en vedette le sensationnel Ben Caplan, l’un des auteurs-compositeurs-interprètes les plus polyvalents et les plus fascinants au pays. Écrite par l’auteure originaire d’Ottawa Hannah Moscovitch, cette œuvre, qui allie théâtre et...

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Théâtre Babs Asper ,1 rue Elgin,Ottawa,Canada
16 - 27 oct 2019

≈ 85 minutes · Sans entracte

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A new(ish) term has become part of the vernacular in the past few years for anyone who isn’t an Indigenous person in Canada: the Settler Canadian. I count among them, and as Settler Canadians, we all have some kind of immigration story;  those who came before Canada was a country, and some who docked long after that.    

Whether it was inspired by fear or by hope, you can be guaranteed that there was a fairly dramatic tale to accompany the move. Hannah Moscovitch’s retelling of her own family’s true saga of starting over has resounded around the world – this time leaving behind only cheering audiences and four-star reviews.

If your family has an immigration story, I hope this beautiful tale from Halifax inspires you to reflect on what it was that brought you here, and what it was that made you stay.

Playwright’s Notes

The text in this project is the story of my paternal family. When there have been gaps in my knowledge of actual events, I have taken artistic liberties. For instance, I do not know the full story of how my great-grandfather Chaim Moscovitch’s family died in Romania. And because I have often been working with incomplete information, I have discovered over the course of this project that I have parts of my family’s history wrong. In two instances, I decided to leave my inaccuracies in the text. I originally thought that Chaya was older than Chaim; I later found out from a census that they were in fact the same age. And I believed that Sam Moscovitch, my grandfather, was the oldest child in the family. He was in fact the second child: his sister Mary (Michal) Moscovitch was the firstborn.


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Songs written by Ben Caplan and Christian Barry except where indicated.

Traveller’s Curse (written by Geoff Berner)

You’ve Arrived

Truth Doesn’t Live in a Book

The Happy People (written by Danny Rubenstein)

Minimum Intervals

Plough the Shit



What Love Can Heartbreak Allow

You can listen to the Old Stock soundtrack on Spotify.

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Notes on Pogroms

Pogrom is a Russian word meaning to wreak havoc and destroy violently. The word is most commonly used to reference brutal attacks on Jewish people between 1881–1921 in Russia and Eastern Europe. These mob attacks wiped out entire Jewish communities. As the pogroms became more frequent, millions of Jews were forced to leave their homes in search of safety. The Holocaust is often referred to as “The Last Pogrom.”

By WWI, Canada’s Jewish population was over 100,000. While Canada was a new home, many Jewish refugees were met with antisemitism and continued marginalization.

Over the next 100 years, Canada would accept thousands of refugees escaping war and persecution from places such as Hungary, Chile, Uganda, Vietnam, and the former Yugoslavia.

Today, Canada is settling refugees from conflict zones including the Middle East and North Africa. Unfortunately, Islamophobia and xenophobic attitudes are still alive and well in Canada making the transition even more difficult for refugees from these areas.

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