Play Synopsis

Prologue: Tartuffe interacts with his happy parishioners. We are in Newfoundland in 1939.

Act I: Madame Pernelle criticizes her family for their disrespectful behaviour towards Tartuffe. She challenges them to be holier, like Tartuffe himself. Tartuffe's sincerity is questioned and Mme Pernelle leaves in a huff. Cleante and Dorine discuss Orgon's blind adoration of Tartuffe. It is revealed that Orgon is trying to call off his daughter Mariane's wedding to Valere. Orgon returns from fishing and Dorine, the family maid, tries to tell Orgon that his wife has been sick. Orgon can only talk about Tartuffe. Cleante expresses concerns about Orgon's devotion to Tartuffe and tries to convince Orgon that he should allow Mariane to marry Valere.

Act II: Orgon tries to persuade Mariane that she should marry Tartuffe instead of Valere. Dorine criticizes Orgon for his decision. They argue, and Orgon begs Mariane to respect his wishes. Dorine tries to convince Mariane to fight for her marriage to Valere. Mariane and Valere quarrel about a misunderstanding. Dorine helps them reconcile and declare their love for each other.

Act III: Damis and Dorine concoct a plan to expose Tartuffe. Tartuffe tries to seduce Elmire, but she fends him off and agrees not to tell Orgon about his attempted seduction if Tartuffe promises to let Mariane marry Valere. Damis overhears everything and threatens to reveal Tartuffe's hypocrisy. Damis tells Orgon about Tartuffe's attempted seduction. Elmire is frustrated because it ruins her plans to save the wedding. Tartuffe convinces Orgon he is innocent. Orgon insists on going ahead with the marriage of Mariane to Tartuffe. Tartuffe plays the innocent victim and manages to convince Orgon to transfer his estate to him.

Act IV: Cleante tries to get Tartuffe to admit that he was wrong to take Orgon's money. Dorine suggests a plan to prevent Tartuffe’s marriage to Mariane. Mariane protests her impending wedding. Elmire offers to prove Tartuffe's attempts at seduction, and hides Orgon under a table so he can see it with his own eyes. Tartuffe attempts, once again, to seduce Elmire, and comments that Orgon is naïve, and easily persuaded. Orgon comes out from under the table, thinking less of Tartuffe. Elmire sends Orgon back under the table to offer further proof. Tartuffe returns and is caught with his pants down. Orgon throws him out, and confesses to Elmire that he transferred his estate to Tartuffe.

Act V: Orgon reveals to Cleante that he gave a strongbox to Tartuffe for safekeeping. Papers in the box could ruin Orgon's reputation. Tartuffe's trickery is revealed to Mme Pernelle, but she doesn't believe it. Monsieur Loyal, a bailiff, arrives to tell Orgon and his family that they must move out of their house, which now belongs to Tartuffe. The family is upset, and Mme Pernelle is finally convinced that Tartuffe is a hypocrite. Tartuffe enters with a Newfoundland Ranger. After some discussion, the Ranger arrests Tartuffe, on direct order of the King. He restores Orgon's property to him, and grants Orgon a pardon. Tartuffe is escorted off by the Ranger.