Discussion Questions


  1. Can you think of examples of hypocrisy in our society today (religious figures, sports figures, political figures)? Why do people behave this way?
  2. Have you ever been fooled by someone pretending to be something they are not? What makes us gullible to this kind of thing?
  3. Have you ever been to Newfoundland? What do you know about the province's history, or its current positions in the world?
  4. Molière's play was banned by the Church. Do you think it is right to ban works of art? Can a work of art go too far?
  5. In what ways are people (corporations) making money from your fears?


  1. What did you think of Orgon’s journey? Was his change of heart believable at the end of the play?
  2. Tartuffe is thought to be one of the greatest comedies. What, in your opinion, made this production funny?
  3. What did you think of Tartuffe by the end of the play? Did you forgive him? Or was he a hypocrite through and through?
  4. How did the costume and set designs add to your appreciation of the play?
  5. Were you able to understand all of the Newfoundland expressions in the play? Was it necessary to understand them completely, or could you get an idea of what was being said without knowing the exact meaning of each word spoken?
  6. Elmire, Mariane and Dorine are all strong female characters. Which one did you find the most believable? Which one did you like the best, and why?