Curriculum Connections

By attending the performance and participating in the activities in this study guide, students will be covering the following criteria from the Ontario Curriculum.

Grades 7-12: Arts Curriculum

Creating and Presenting

  • Develop aesthetic awareness of a farce; notice what devices are used to convey humour (language, physical comedy); consider how set and costumes are structured to serve as a gorgeous setting for the language and humour.

Reflecting, Responding and Analyzing

  • Apply the critical analysis process to consider how a farce communicates meaning; consider how students and their classmates responded to the messages in the production.

Exploring Forms and Cultural Contexts

  • Explore the art and enduring nature of comedy.
  • Consider how a play written in France in the 1600s can still be relevant today.

Making Connections

  • Consider comparing the humour in Tartuffe to humourous artistic works that are popular today; examine comedic devices used in today's comedies and compare them to the play.

Grade 8-12: English Curriculum

Oral Communication

  • Listening to understand, specifically listening to different vocabulary and grasping the meaning without being able to understand every single word; demonstrating that you understood the meaning of a conversation (in the play); understanding point of view.
  • Speaking to communicate, by speaking clearly and coherently, using appropriate language for the situation, and identifying different ways of speaking in various situations (comparing Dorine's communication style to Orgon, for example).


  • Developing and organizing content and ideas, conducting research, using knowledge of form and style, and applying language conventions.

Media Literacy

  • Understanding media texts, such as political cartoons and stage productions

Grade 8-12: History/Canadian and World Studies Curriculum

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Describe the events contributing to the start of World War I and explain their relevance to Canada and Newfoundland.

The Impact of External Forces on Canada

  • Assess the influence of Great Britain and Europe on Canada's participation in World War I.

Canada's Participation in War, Peace and Security

  • Describe Canada's (Newfoundland’s in particular) contributions to the war effort during World War I.