Oliver Twist

Played by: Thomas Olajide

Boy orphaned in a workhouse.

Mr. Bumble

Played by:

The Parish Beadle. Large, pompous man. Cruel and known for mistreating the workhouse inmates.

Widow Corney

Played by: Randi Helmers

Widow, the workhouse mistress. Sharp-tongued and domineering woman. Marries Mr. Bumble.

Mr. Sowerberry

Played by: Kris Joseph

The undertaker who buys Oliver from the parish.

Mrs. Sowerberry

Played by: Beverley Wolfe

His wife and “overseer.”

The Artful Dodger

Played by: Jennifer Waiser

Fagin’s most promising pickpocket.


Played by:

Elderly man who runs a training academy for young pickpockets.


Played by: Julie Tamiko Manning

Prostitute trained by Fagin and who is Sykes’ lover.


Played by: Celine Stubel

Girl taken in by Fagin who idolizes Nancy.

Bill Sykes

Played by: Shawn Wright

Principle villain at the height of his dastardlyness. Stoutly-built, unshaven man.

Mrs. Bedwin

Played by: Caroline Gillis

Mr. Brownlow’s Housekeeper.

Mr. Brownlow

Played by: Greg Kramer

An old gentleman of wealth and breeding who turns out to be Oliver’s grandfather.

Other characters:

NOAH CLAYPOLE - the Undertaker's apprentice. CHARLOTTE - Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry's "sluttish" young daughter. OLD SALLY- A pauper. Helps birth Oliver in the workhouse. Steals a locket from his mother, which turns out to be the key to his identity. DR. GRIMWIG - A doctor and friend of Mr. Brownlow. Skeptical of Oliver.

Other cast members:

Played by: Rachelle Casseus

Played by: Dennis Fitzgerald

Played by: Jamie Mac

Played by: Christian Murray