Free Rein

Artistic residencies

The pandemic forced many projects to stop in mid-flight, rehearsals ground to a halt and venues closed. Since then, artists have been champing at the bit to return to the stage. However, after this long hiatus, that return will be difficult for artists who haven’t been able to rehearse or experiment with presenting their work on stage.

Resuming creative work

In the summer of 2021, some 30 artists from across Canada will receive support from the NAC to develop their projects through creative residencies that will include access to rehearsal space. This program reiterates the NAC’s commitment to supporting the revival of the performing arts across the country.

An inside look at the creative process

Want to know more about the artists we support and their projects? Gain a better understanding of the artistic process? A series of testimonials will be posted on this page.

“Artists and creators across the country have seen opportunities to create new works dwindle due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. The launch of this new multi-disciplinary summer residency program is a crucial step on the journey back to live, in-person performances.”

Christopher Deacon, CEO, National Arts Centre