Dior Quartet 

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The NAC artistic residency program Free Rein made it possible for me to participate in the Banff Centre Evolution: Quartet program together with my Dior String Quartet colleagues at the Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana. Directed by the Gryphon Trio, the program provided coachings with the JACK, Parker, and Eybler Quartets, as well as lectures and discussions with a roster of other internationally renowned musicologists and composers. The program also allowed us to work with Canadian composer Joseph Chiu, whose work If We Could Unfreeze Time, we premiered in a live streamed performance broadcast. I’m very grateful for the support and the opportunity to work with such incredible people. This residency was one of the most productive, enriching, and inspiring experiences I have had to date, and will be one to remember for years.


Dior String Quartet

Noa Sarid

Tobias Elser

Caleb Georges

Joanne Yesol Choi

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