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Trio Indigo

Trio indigo story
© Nicholas Peter

The NAC artistic residency program, Free Rein made it possible for me to participate in the Banff Centre Evolution: Classical Residency with my group Indigo Trio, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This program has been an opportunity to work with incredible mentors like the Gryphon trio, Tom Allen, Dinuk Wijeratne, as well as with Paul Wiancko, incredible cellist and composer, on Sanguine Clockwork, a piece he wrote for string trio. In this residency, we have learned how to develop and curate a unique program which we are preparing to livestream on August 11, 2021. With the generous support of the NAC residency program, we are able to produce our livestream with very high quality lighting and cameras; we have been able to work with Hugh Conacher, a wonderful lighting and multi-media designer, and each of us has been supported with a per diem and travel assistance. I am incredibly grateful for your support to have undergone this enriching and inspiring project, and as a group we are grateful to have been given this opportunity to grow as musicians and as a trio. 

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