G’zaagiin - Je te promets une forêt

*English and French subtitles available

An Abitibi experimental cellist, an Anishinabeg actress and traditional musician, and a Polish-born director, guided by the seasons and the Indigenous Medicine Wheel, to create an immersive space full of sounds, textures and poetic movement, where young children will be able to make their way. Drum, cello, voice, breath and the stage tell the story of the encounter of these three women who intertwine past and present, tradition and contemporaneity in a poetic and inclusive process.

“G’zaagiin means I love you. We are talking about a forest as we would talk about a house. A house to live in together, now and tomorrow. Our encounter, our commitments, our roots, our fears and our hopes, our creative process and our desire to share it with a young audience and those who love them, our responsibility as artists, as adults in spite of the uncertainty… everything can be found in this title that we carry like a flag, like an offering, like a prayer.”

– Milena Buziak, Artistic Director, Voyageurs Immobiles

The artistic residency will help create an in-situ version, in which the outdoor space will serve as a backdrop for a sound and visual installation. This outdoor version of the show will offer the possibility for young people of all ages to be part of the soundscape woven together by the performers. At the same time, an indoor version, targeted to a toddler audience (18 months to 5 years) and their caregivers, is also being developped and will be launched in the fall of 2021.

This artistic residency is a collaboration between Voyageurs Immobiles, Cie. de création, Centre d’exposition L’Imagier and NAC French Theatre.

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