Inspiration Point

Ryan c story

Project Summary

The NAC Artistic Residency program allowed me to adapt the play Inspiration Point by John Garfield Barlow and have a reading of the final draft. Inspiration Point: Poised between hope and despair, 3 Migmaw face how best to move beyond the past and adapt to a future in which cultural legacy seems destined to diminish. Symbolic and politically charged, Inspiration Point speaks about life on a small Maritime reservation and the constant struggle for cultural survival.

"The NAC Artistic Residency program, Free Rein, was exactly the kind of support I needed to complete my script. in 2020, after an initial workshop to develop my adaptation of Inspiration Point by John Garfield Barlow, Theatre New Brunswick and Neptune Theatre both expressed interest in co-producing my script with me directing. The Summer Residency gave me the time and resources I needed to complete my script. Now, as we start to see theatres open up, my project is ready to be produced. Thank you, NAC for giving me this opportunity!"

Core Artists

Ryan Cunningham

Cherie Maracle

Cliff Cardinal

Christopher Mejaki

John Garfield Barlow 

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