Dream Stealer

Stacy story

Scene 1

Enter with a drum in hand beating it to a universal heart beat, to her heart beat.  Recite poem “Feel”.

Kokum –



Beat drum, heartbeat

Woman singing strong

Ceremony songs

Buffalo running

Spirits calling

Embracing signs

Life is always changing

Always learning new strengths

Run buffalo, live forever

Heart beating strong

Dancing to the drum

Wild and free

Sing with all your heart

Dance to the heartbeat

Run with the buffalo

Live and be heard


Place drum on mat and go to hoop

Scene 2 - Intro to self

Stacy:  I am sakastawo kehew squawo

            I am a mother, a circle that has no begining and no end

            I am a dreamer.  Dreaming dreams that live inside me, dreams that are meant to

 be, that come to me from the universe.

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