Duo Beija-Flor

Duo cropped

The NAC artistic residency program, Free Rein, has been instrumental in our duo’s participation in the Banff centre’s program, Evolution: Classical.  Thanks to their generous financial support, our duo, Duo Beija-Flor, has been able to secure a location as well as rent all of the equipment necessary to create a high quality live-stream performance for our final concert in the program. Moving forward into the post-pandemic world, artists have to be equipped more than ever to perform in a multitude of contexts. Without the support of organizations such as the NAC, many, including ourselves, would not have the opportunity to participate in these types of professional development activities.  Having a secure source of funding has also helped take away any financial stress and let us to focus on what we do best, perform and create.  The NAC has helped make for a memorable ending to what has been an extremely stimulating and enjoyable experience with Evolution: Classical.

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