Daniel Dastoor

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Thanks to the National Arts Centre’s generous support through their summer artistic residencies, my participation in the Banff Centre Evolution: Classical program was possible. This invaluable support enabled use of the wonderful Array Space studio in Toronto, where we had access to multiple pianos and state-of-the-art equipment for live-streaming and audio production. Further, this support made it possible for me to travel to St. Louis, Missouri, to join pianist Brian Woods for the second session of the program, allowing us a wonderful opportunity for in-person rehearsals and artistic work. This program has been an inspiring and artistically energizing time for all of us, providing the chance to work with renowned artists, creators, and innovators. We leave this program thankful to the Banff Centre and the NAC for giving us a platform to share our work, and for this chance to create a new and innovative curation, now ready to be shared with audiences.

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