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Mélanie Demers, choreographer, Founder and Artistic Director of MAYDAY

English 10 March 2022 32:36 Télécharger
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Mélanie Demers’s fascination with creation led her early on the path of the performing arts, eventually choosing contemporary dance. A successful decade-long dancing career with O Vertigo gave her the confidence to have her own company, tell her own stories, embrace chaos. She is adamant to militate with her art. She achieves this with beautiful and complicated collaborations that are wonderfully rewarding. Her conversation with Cathy Levy touches on her approach to choreography, how being a Black person affects the way she sees the world and creates work, and "La Goddam Voie Lactée", presented at Canada’s National Arts Centre in early March 2022. A work about the state of the world seen through the eyes of women. A work born out of the politically and socially charged period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the death of George Floyd and Montreal’s third wave of #MeToo. What does she want the audience to take away from seeing it? The sensation that the end is near and everything we do is important.